Proof of Delivery

A very important step in the standard process of delivering a package that should not be done light-heartedly is the “proof of delivery”, especially upon receiving a damaged package, receiving a corrected product specification, or a message about a delayed shipment, receiving in a wrong destination.


What is the proof of delivery?

The proof of delivery is the receipt signed by a consignee or recipient, confirming delivery of a shipment in good order and condition. It can be in physical or electronic form and it is called “POD”. The POD usually contains the name of the recipient, his/her signature, the time and the date of the delivery. The POD’s main purpose is to prove that a delivery has been completed and becomes very important when legal and financial documents are to be exchanged between two parties.

During this step in the standard process of delivering, it is also very important to take into account when to sign the POD, who should sign the POD and what to check for when signing the POD.

When to sign the POD?

It is suggested not to carry away by their anticipation when signing the POD. The person before signing the POD should inspect the package, not only confirming the delivery has been completed successfully without any problems, but also, standing that the shipment was delivered in good conditions.

Who should sign the POD?

The person signing the POD should obviously be the recipient that is indicated on the package. However, in case the indicated recipient cannot be physically present at the delivery location at the specified delivery time, he/she can appoint someone else to receive the package on his/her behalf. In such cases, the appointed person should be warned about the importance of checking the package before signing the POD.

Many courier companies offer the possibility to sign online for the delivery of your package, and you can also request that they leave it at your door as well.

What to check for when signing the POD?

As we mentioned above, it is very important that you pay close attention before signing any documents from the courier service, but most importantly, always check if there are any damages to the package. Also, look for any courier notification (a box already ticked) saying that the package was not properly packed from the original sender.

Because our customers are very important to us, our Courier Service Company, PIKPAX, offers the digital POD which is sent to their email addresses through our Service Order System once the delivery has been completed.

Also, we go that extra mile by keeping close communication with our customers when appointing recipients different from themselves to make sure the packages are delivered successfully and in good conditions.

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