Our Courier Clients

If you are in the greater Miami-Dade County area, then so are we. With your important data and packaging needs, you can depend on us to deliver to and pick-up from just about any venue imaginable as our many clients can all agree.

  • The White Collar Sector: CPA offices, legal firms, public relations firms, the banking industry and other financial institutions especially rely on our services. But those are not all we serve. Real estate agencies, title closing agents, insurance adjusters and a host of other professional workers also depend on us.
  • Health Care Providers: Hospitals, health labs, home health care agencies, clinics, blood centers and rehab centers find our services way beyond their expectations. Doctors, therapists, dentists and other health care professionals all use our services extensively.
  • Education and Information Technology: Colleges, private schools, professors, teachers, instructors, public schools, universities and vocational training centers all know about our reliability in working with modern-day digitized delivery systems.
  • The Travel, Hospitality, Food and Recreational Sectors: We have pick-up and delivery from international and county-wide airports; railway and bus depots; piers and landing docks; and myriads of hotels and motels. Moreover, all our clients can vouch for PIKPAX’s dependable courier services.


If you have any specific courier needs that are not specifically mentioned on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us. PIKPAX is a leader in the courier services industry and we are proud of our dedication to serving the unique needs of our customer base. We are happy to evaluate your specific courier needs and develop a customized solution for you and your team. We look forward to helping you strengthen your business through our outstanding service delivery and affordable delivery rates!