Courier for Government Agencies

Managing a country is a very important tasks, we believe that honor belongs to the government employees. When you are working under such a big responsibility, doing small tasks like making deliveries on time can be a bit of a challenge. So why not make your life easier, and leave those tasks for the experts in such field. Entrust your deliveries to Pikpax courier and take advantage of their outstanding efficient service.
We are safe
The main concern faced by people at important jobs is the violation of their privacy. At Pikpax courier we make sure that your deliveries are safe and secure.  To make sure it is getting to the right person, electronic delivery confirmation is provided by the time of delivery. Safe routes are chosen for these deliveries, so that smooth and hassle free deliveries can be achieved. Our drivers and vehicles are constantly monitored and tracked through software and tracking device.
We are efficient
Our main purpose is to make on-time deliveries. Our team of professionals is dedicated to meet your deadlines and is aware of the importance of punctuality. An urgent delivery is our forte so you don’t need to worry about receiving your package late.
We are proud to say that we have the most efficient and reliable courier service. Rely on Pikpax courier for your important deliveries and you will not be disappointed. For any query regarding our service contact us via email or phone during business hours.