Architecture Courier

If you are in construction business, architecture or engineering, you know that your time is of the essence. In order to be more productive, you need to focus solely on the task at hand. Since you have other important things to do, it is sensible to ease your burden by hiring a reliable courier service. You can now print & send blueprints or any important documents via our courier services and allow us to assist you by providing exceptional delivery services.

We meet your deadline
In order to succeed in this profession, it is important to abide your clients’ requirements, the most important being completing the task at the given time. Our team of professionals consists of dedicated individuals whose sole purpose is to meet your specified deadline. They fully understand the importance of being punctual and aim to provide you with an efficient and quick service.

We are safe
Since blueprints and other documents can contain sensitive information, we ensure your confidential documents are transported in a safe environment. To make sure they don’t fall in the wrong hands, digital proof of delivery is taken at the time of delivery.

Blueprint Printing
Out of site, on the field. Maybe to far or to busy to print your documents. We can even print your blueprints for you if needed. All you need to do is send us the files and we will have them printed,  professionally packed and delivered for you. 

For any further information feel free to call us or schedule a pickup online. Choose Pikpax Courier Services for all your delivery solutions and rest assure that we will provide you with the most efficient and reliable delivery services.