On time Delivery

Boost your sales offering same day delivery with our on-demand Courier Services

Your business and the customers who support it are inseparable. In many ways, they can even be thought of as the same thing. Without your business, you have no customers, and without your customers, you have no business. Imagine for a moment the absurdity of setting up a shop or even an online shopping platform …

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A trustful Courier Service is the right way.

If you want your parcel to reache its destination as soon as possible, you need to find the right courier service and, if you need this in a tight, periodic schedule, Pikpax is the company you should work with. We are a company that cares about every detail in our services, always expecting outstanding results. …

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Miami Traffic :(

Its Good to Consider a Courier Service Before You Attempt to Drive it Yourself. We cannot say that the traffic in Miami is worse compared to other major cities, but the fact is that there are periods of the days when people can experience traffic jams in certain parts of Miami.

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How Courier Services Can Help With Time Management

How Courier Services Are Important for the Growth of Your Company while You Focus in other Aspects of Your Business

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Courier at work

Pikpax: Miami Flat Rate Courier Service

According to research conducted by the Kauffman Foundation Miami is the most entrepreneurial city in the nation. Most of the regions small businesses have under 10 employees; these employees make up a unique culture and diversity with an understanding of how to create a gateway to Latin America for these businesses.

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Miami Dade County Courthouse

Violation of a Traffic Rule is Common in Miami

It is uncommon that somebody expects to bring about an accident in Miami, Florida. Well most of the times it may be a result of a physical disability, excited on the surroundings, talking over the phone or looking at somebody.

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American Airlines Arena

How to choose a best courier service through the online?

Selecting to go with courier service to deliver your documents, package, or money is equivalent to providing you peace of mind. These enterprises offer advantages that the regular postal service is unable to deliver, such as insurance and quicker delivery times.

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MetroRail Miami

Choose a fast and reliable courier services at Miami!

Presently, courier service is very important and different sectors need it. There are various industries they need quick delivery services like next day courier service or weekend delivery and premium delivery etc. There are many advantages of using these services.

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