Real Estate Courier Service

Pikpax courier service also extends to the real estate industry. Our efficient, reliable and exceptional delivery service can assist you in delivering your documents to its right destination. Why bother with delivering the documents yourself, when you can hire a courier service to do that job at an affordable rate. By entrusting us with the delivery of your documents title companies, brokers, property managers and agents can now relax and invest their valuable time in other important tasks.

Trained employees

Our professional employees are trained to handle your real estate documents. They are fully capable to deliver the title documents between buyers, sellers and lending companies. They also deliver sales documents and contracts securely to the desired location.

Efficient service
Time is of the essence and our employees fully understand the importance of timely deliveries. We make sure that no delivery exceeds the mentioned deadlines. Our vehicles travel on the safest and quickest routes to ensure secure and on time deliveries. We are proud to say that at Pikpax, our employees are fully committed on being punctual.
Fulfillment of transactional needs
Hand over your transactional documents to us, and we will make your transactions on time. Receipts will be signed at the giving and receiving end for clients’ satisfaction. So avail our real estate courier service and we will provide an outstanding delivery service. You can learn more about us at our website or call us during office hours for any inquiry.

Round Trip Service
We offer this service to meet the need of send a document to a specific person to have it signed and then returned to your office immediately. Express service is essential when there is work to be done in a specific timeframe.