At PIKPAX, our services extend far beyond package delivery and we are constantly thinking of innovative services that will help your business become more efficient. One of the unique ways that we can help you is through our promotion distribution services. We developed this process to help companies personally reach out to customers through the delivery of coupons, samples and freebies. We recognize that type of outreach is time consuming and laborious, and have developed a process to help you handle this process from start to finish.

Our promotion distribution services are particularly helpful for small businesses that do not have the hands on human resources to prepare, package, and organize the delivery of promotional items. The PIKPAX team is accustomed to managing such projects and can help ensure that your promotional items reach your target audience as quickly as possible. In addition to preparing and packaging your items, we will transport them to our warehouse for processing and distribution to all desired locations. Our experience coordinating delivery routes and timed distributions will help ensure that your promotional campaign operates according to your desired schedule. We can also:

- Set up shipment to our warehouse for processing.
- Prepare and package all promotional items.
- Coordinate delivery routes.
- Deliver packages at once for timed distributions.

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