We Deliver Your important Documents

Sending documents after its completion is a difficult and tiresome task, especially when you are a bookkeeper of multiple businesses. Your workload does not allow you to make personal deliveries to companies? Ease your burden by entrusting the delivery of your documents to Pikpax. Our main aim is to provide you with efficient and reliable courier services that will save you time and ultimately money.

As a financial professional, your job is to create receivable accounts, payable accounts, bank reconciliation, payroll and financial report preparation documents and our job is to deliver these documents effectively and efficiently.

Secure transport

The documents related to bookkeeping are meant to be confidential since they contain crucial information regarding a company’s finances. Electronic delivery confirmation emails will be sent at end to make sure that the documents are placed in the correct hands. Our delivery truck travels on the safest routes so that smooth and uninterrupted deliveries can be provided to our customer.

Efficient service

For a freelancing bookkeeper, it is important to keep your reputation intact by providing your client with financial documents within the agreed deadline. You don’t need to worry about that after placing an order at our courier service, since we provide our customers with the most efficient delivery service. Our employees fully understand the need to deliver the documents on time. Strict punctuality is  implemented in our services.

Make your bookkeeping business a success by choosing our courier service and we guarantee you that you will not regret this decision.

For further information regarding our services please feel free to contact us anytime.