Ecommerce Delivery Solutions

A vital component of an ecommerce business is the transportation of goods to your customers. Your customer select the desired object and expects it to be delivered on time. Since your clientele is quite large, it is nearly impossible to manage your business and transport all the products to them simultaneously. That is why the need of courier service for ecommerce business is rising gradually.

We handle your goods with care
It is crucial to deliver your products to your customers in perfect condition. At Pikpax our employees are trained and instructed to treat your products with care to prevent any damage while loading and unloading of goods, it is necessary to be gentle, and our employees do just that. Your goods are wrapped in protected packages so that they remain safe and secure in case of any disturbance.

We are efficient
When people order a product online, they expect it to be delivered in the mentioned time frame. An on-time  delivery makes a good impression on your customers and increases the credibility of your business. Our employees are fully aware of this need and are committed to deliver your products on time and at the right destination.

We are reliable
The loss of goods while delivering the products is what raises doubts among people who wish to entrust their products to any courier service. Since ecommerce businesses fully rely on the courier services, it is important that they find a reliable and trustworthy service. At pikpax there’s no need to worry, your delivery is our responsibility. We have installed trackers in our trucks, to monitor the progress of your order, so that safe and timely delivery can be ensured.

Contact Pikpax for your ecommerce delivery solutions and transportation needs, and we promise to provide you with the best and more reliable services.