Art Courier

Since original artworks and valuable paintings are expensive and fragile, their deliveries are a big responsibility. At Pikpax we pride ourselves in the safe and timely delivery of your art pieces, there’s no need to worry, we’ll manage delivery of your masterpiece.

We care for your artwork:
Our professionals are specifically trained to handle these delicate works of art and are fully capable to secure a protected packaging around it to ensure a safe and successful courier service without any damage.

Safe delivery:
Antique and precious artworks are worth a lot of money and since they attract a lot of attention, we understand the need of a discrete delivery. Our deliveries are guarded and protected so your valuable possessions are delivered to the desired location on time. For safe transportation, our trucks are equipped with routing software and are constantly tracked. We have specifically chosen safe routes for our deliveries so that any kind of hassle and inconvenience can be avoided.
Be it a painting, a sculpture or a drawing we provide our customers with quick, timely and reliable service.

Contact us:
Schedule online on our website or by  by phone to place and order. Chose Pikpax courier for your artwork and be amazed by our efficient top quality service and efficiency.