Hotel Courier Service

Since people staying in hotels are there for a very limited time, they do may not have cars or private transportation to their job, they often face difficulties when they need to send or receive important materials for example luggage left at the airport, or receiving a package sent by a person. So if you are in business of managing a hotel, you need to hire an efficient courier service to facilitate the people staying at your hotel. This would not only be convenient for the people residing in your hotel, but will also attract potential guests, hence improving your business. A quick, reliable and outstanding service like Pikpax courier, which notifies you at the arrival of your packages, is definitely the best choice for you.

Timely deliveries
People in hotels are there on a timeline, which is why they need deliveries to be as efficient as possible, so they can receive it during their stay. Pikpax courier employees are trained to meet your specific deadline. They understand the importance of punctuality and make efficient deliveries.

Safe deliveries
To ensure safe and hassle free deliveries, it is important that the material being sent or received are transported in a secure environment. At times, the deliveries are misplaced, stolen or reaches a different location. At Pikpax we believe that all your deliveries are important and it is our responsibility to send you the intact package. Measures have been implemented for secure delivery; we have installed GPS and routing software, to monitor the whereabouts of our truck.  Specific routes are laid down for them to follow so that any inconvenient interruptions can be avoided.

 Careful deliveries
For deliveries to be successful, it needs to make sure that the delivery is damage free. To do that, we give strict instruction to our employees, they handle your packages with a gentle hand while loading and unloading.

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