PIKPAX is a company that continually strives for service excellence. We endeavor to set industry benchmarks to ensure that we ALWAYS meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.
Dedication to our Clients
We at PIKPAX believe that our clients come first. We prove it by going above and beyond the call of duty, on a regular basis, to guarantee complete customer satisfaction by tailoring the services we offer to fulfill our clients’ needs.
Consistency in Delivery of Services
We strive daily to deliver quality services to our customers. As a premier courier company, we have implemented quality assurance initiatives to ensure that all of our staff consistently operate at the high standard we set forth so that we can consistently offer the same service excellence to each and every one of our clients at every interaction.
Value Driven
The entrepreneurial spirit and mentality that created PIKPAX has quickly become a big part of our culture. We are driven to uphold the standards and value of the services we offer to our clients and their guests. We are striving to succeed as a business, ensure increased profitability, and year on year growth by going above and beyond for our customer base, remembering that our customers come first (without them we wouldn’t be here), setting new industry standards, and preserving the quality of service that is lost on many of our competitors.