Flat rate pet transportation is another valuable service that we offer. 

We realize that your pets are valuable members of your family and we are here to help you reunite with them as quickly as possible after a trip to the veterinarian or stay at the kennel. And if your dog or cat has regularly scheduled visits to the groomer, we can work with you to provide regular transportation to and from grooming appointments. So whether you need your pet been picked up from the groomers, veterinary or a slumber party you can trust PIKPAX to pick it up and transport it to reunite with you, we understand how important is your pet is for you because we just love pets, We simply ask that your pet be in a kennel prior to pick-up. 

Regular Service (up to 30 pounds) $19.99 – One way
Large Service (From 31 to 170pounds) $34.95 – One way

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