Flower Delivery

Flowers are the best way to express your feelings towards your loved ones, send them a beautiful bouquet via Pikpax courier service. Not just that you can send a variety of flowers to an event, or receive them to decorate your premises, rely on us for any kind of flower related delivery service.

Why choose Pikpax?

Flowers are delicate and they tend to wilt easily, they require special care while delivering to a desired destination. To deliver them fresh, fragrant and beautiful, quick and efficient delivery service is required and we at Pikpax have the right service for you. Our team of employees is fully capable to handle your flowers, we work carefully on loading and unloading flowers as gently as possible to prevent it from any damage.


We have chosen specific delivery routes of transport to ensure the quickest delivery. These routes have the least amount of traffic and traffic signals so a smooth and hassle free delivery is achieved. Punctuality is the key and we deliver your flowers in the best possible condition.

Same day and urgent deliveries

Understanding the sensitive nature of the flowers, we deliver the flowers on the same day. We are a courier company, that's what we do! If you want to send a bouquet to someone, our employees will deliver it personally taking good care of it.
So if you want your flowers to be sent fast and in optimum condition, contact us. Our phone and website are open during business hours for any queries regarding our services. Our mission is to provide you with the best possible service.