We do your deposits for you

In a tight and hectic schedule, making deposits to the bank can be a challenging task. Going to the bank, making a deposit and coming back to your office is a time consuming process, especially when you have a dozen other tasks to complete. Why worry about this, when an easier solution is right in front of you. Yes, PIKPAX courier service delivers your deposits to the bank safely and on time.
Secure Bank deposits
At Pikpax courier, we ensure secure deposits. Confidentiality and discreetness is our main priority. At the time of the deposit, the bank will sign a receipt for evidence and safe transfer..
After considering different routes, our company has selected the safest possible routes for our courier service, so uninterrupted hassle free delivery is provided to our customers. Our drivers count with a sophisticated routing software and GPS to check the progress the delivery.
You have the reigns
The bank deposits are made according to your demand and requirement. It can be on a daily, weekly, random or on a specific day basis. Let us know your deposit schedule beforehand and your wish will be our command.
We meet deadlines
Our punctual employees make sure that your deliveries are done on your specified time. At Pikpax we are well aware of time sensitivity and that is why we never miss a deadline.
To enquire about our service, or to place an order, our website and telephone lines are open during office hours. Contact us and we will save your valuable time by secure and timely deposits.