Legal Courier Services

A huge amount of paperwork is always resting on your desk when you work in a law firm. An extra pressure is felt whenever there is a need to deliver on time the documents to the desired locations. A lawyer always faces time struggling when filling and producing paperwork and then delivering it personally. So let’s cut short the work for all the people working in the legal department. We can assist you in transporting your legal documents safely and on a strict deadline.

Our responsibility

At Pikpax we take full responsibility to file your legal documents, whether it is a delivery of court retrieval, court filing, file copying, foreign consulates, death and birth certificate, we can manage it all. Since misplacing a legal document, is a terrible act, our team of professionals understand the need to file these important documents to the right place and at the right time.
Trained employees
Our employees are trained and fully capable to file a legal document in courts, state agencies or municipalities

Printing Services
You can send the documents to our email address and we will print them and file them in court. We can also provide an envelope or staple the documents. Contact us and we will meet you specifications.

Efficient and effective
Once you place and order with us, we are fully determined to deliver your documents on your specified time. We are punctual in all our deliveries. Specific routes are chosen for our trucks to which ensure a smooth, hassle free delivery. Our vehicles are tracked to make sure it is travelling in a safe environment without any interruption towards the right destination.
Contact us through our website, or phone. All enquiries regarding our service will be entertained during business hours. Choose Pikpax for delivering your legal documents and we promise to provide you with the best courier service in town.