Miami Traffic :(

Its Good to Consider a Courier Service Before You Attempt to Drive it Yourself. 

We cannot say that the traffic in Miami is worse compared to other major cities, but the fact is that there are periods of the days when people can experience traffic jams in certain parts of Miami. For example, if you are moving through downtown Miami it can take about 40 minutes to drive about 15 miles, but this is something that can change during rush hours.

The good news is that Miami has a well-developed public transportation system. Many people use this method to get to their workplace or visit their friends that live in different part of the city. There are many different transportation options that are part of this system. For example, the metro is one of the most popular means of transportation at least when it comes to downtown Miami.

Because of the specific location of this city (close to the ocean), the metro is actually elevated. The so-called Metrorail System gives passengers a unique opportunity to get a beautiful view of Miami. It starts from Northwest Miami-Dade, goes through Medley and ends in South Miami-Dade, Kendall. People can use this system to go to Broward and Palm Beach too. There are metro stations on every mile. The tickets are very cheap and users can get discounts if they buy tickets for multiple rides. 

The Metrobus is another good option for those who want to get access to more places around Miami. There are about 900 buses that are part of this bus network and more than 90 routes. This bus system connects almost all points in Miami and surrounding area. They also have access for people with disabilities.

It is interesting to know that more than 15% of Miamians use public transportation. In the recent years, more and more people are using bicycles too. Since this method of transportation can ease the traffic and because of the fact that bicycling is eco-friendly, local authorities have decided to support people who will choose this type of transportation. There are many events in which people are encouraged to use bikes. In addition, the city is continuously opening new bike routes and improving the existing ones. Of course, those who would like to take a walk in order to get somewhere can use the sidewalks freely and they should know that according to some studies, Miami belongs to the group of top 10 cities that are considered to be most walkable in the United States.