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Pikpax: Miami Flat Rate Courier Service

According to research conducted by the Kauffman Foundation Miami is the most entrepreneurial city in the nation. Most of the regions small businesses have under 10 employees; these employees make up a unique culture and diversity with an understanding of how to create a gateway to Latin America for these businesses. South Florida is also rising as a region attracting venture capital, bringing in $300 million in 2013 alone.

What does this have to do with courier services?
Simply, a lot. With the tech industry sector exploding around Miami, start-ups, venture capitalists and lots of information are converging into an emerging tech hub with a direct pipeline to new ventures in Latin America. This converging requires four things to guarantee success:

  • Speed of information – both financial and business related information must be delivered in a timely manner to remain relevant.
  • Cost effectiveness – with small numbers of employees and the need to minimize delays along the pipeline, lost time becomes lost money. There is no room for leaks in the technological field.
  • High value – there is little time to spend on low quality providers and unexpected costs when it comes to start-ups or venture capital.
  • Safeguarding information – especially in the tech field, sensitive information is both common and vital to success. Keeping this information secure and with only those meant to have it is crucial.

This is where a flat rate courier service that specializes in the tech-savvy field is the best choice. Here’s why: 

  • No extra time needed sending employees and messengers – the courier service handles all the leg work.
  • No hidden cost – a flat rate delivery provider sets one fee for specific services making record keeping and bookkeeping minimal.
  • Use specialized providers – a company specialized in certain fields understands the needs and concerns of that industry. They know how to handle problems and create solutions.
  • Professionalism – professional courier services understand the issue of confidentiality and maintaining proper point-to-point distribution.
  • Scheduling friendly – having something delivered same-day or on a recurring schedule shouldn’t be a problem with a good provide.

Whatever the delivery – prototype, package, documentation or even a pet; look for a Miami courier service that understands all the common needs specific to your business.