A trustful Courier Service is the right way.

If you want your parcel to reache its destination as soon as possible, you need to find the right courier service and, if you need this in a tight, periodic schedule, Pikpax is the company you should work with. We are a company that cares about every detail in our services, always expecting outstanding results. You can forget about stress and tension over your deliveries, using our system you ensure a trustful cooperation be with a newest but trustful and passionate company. We can offer discounts and special offers to regular customers, being one great advantage with so many expensive services, we are proud to say that we are the cheapest courier service with the best service.

Time is on our side
Today´s daily life has become even easier with advantage of online courier services. You can access to a website and request a pick up in the easiest way and receive a call from one of our agents immediately, our prices are made lower for the benefit of our clients, for your benefit, we ensure a trustful relationship between clients and our company, making you lose preoccupation about your pocket´s money.
Sending a package up to 15 miles and under 30 pounds ensure a Flat rate of $19,99, the cheapest in the market, our competitive price is noticed in most of the occasions. People are seeing the advantage to use our service because of our everyday effort to become even better.

The fastest delivery
Our drivers tends to do speedy deliveries, always ensuring the best time, because we are the best same day delivery courier service. However, delivery time depends on the hour, traffic and the distance between locations.

Be a regular customer and obtain special discounts
We love to serve you any time you need it, we always want to create a lasting relationship with all of our clients, we can offer you amazing discounts if you work with us regularly, any is possible when it comes to satisfaction of our client´s needs, we can always offer the best possible rates.