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Boost your sales offering same day delivery with our on-demand Courier Services

Your business and the customers who support it are inseparable. In many ways, they can even be thought of as the same thing. Without your business, you have no customers, and without your customers, you have no business. Imagine for a moment the absurdity of setting up a shop or even an online shopping platform at which no one buys anything. You sit in your office all day, surrounded by the same merchandise day in and day out, doing nothing, going nowhere, immobile in every sense of the word. This is not business: this is loitering.

Hopefully, the business that you are running resembles this scene in no way. You want to be hustling. As orders come in, you want to clear them off your docket as quickly as possible, sending out products and processing payments in a way that is convenient for your customers. After all, that is your goal here. You want your customers to think to themselves, “Wow. That was really fast.” If you can achieve this effect, you will get your customers come back to you for more. There is no one for whom this is a bad thing. Your customers benefit, and anytime they benefit, you benefit too. This is how you create a cycle of positivity.

Now, when it comes to retail delivery, this may seem like a radical idea, but consider it for a moment at least: same day delivery. As well as your online competitors are servicing their customers, same day delivery via courier is still a total rarity. If you can offer this type of service to your customers, you can really set yourself apart. Try finding an on demand courier to help you with this. Truly, if you want to boost your sales, there is no easier and more surefire way to do it than implementing same day delivery. You will immediately begin attracting new customers and enticing your old customers to start bringing you more business.

Sure, there are all kinds of gimmicks that you can use to boost your sales, but if you want to make a long-term impact, then you need to improve your business model. Same day delivery is one guaranteed way that you can do that. Because this service is so rare, simply offering it will get people thinking of you as a premium retailer. Now this, this is business, in the absolute best sense of the word.

A trustful Courier Service is the right way.

If you want your parcel to reache its destination as soon as possible, you need to find the right courier service and, if you need this in a tight, periodic schedule, Pikpax is the company you should work with. We are a company that cares about every detail in our services, always expecting outstanding results. You can forget about stress and tension over your deliveries, using our system you ensure a trustful cooperation be with a newest but trustful and passionate company. We can offer discounts and special offers to regular customers, being one great advantage with so many expensive services, we are proud to say that we are the cheapest courier service with the best service.

Time is on our side
Today´s daily life has become even easier with advantage of online courier services. You can access to a website and request a pick up in the easiest way and receive a call from one of our agents immediately, our prices are made lower for the benefit of our clients, for your benefit, we ensure a trustful relationship between clients and our company, making you lose preoccupation about your pocket´s money.
Sending a package up to 15 miles and under 30 pounds ensure a Flat rate of $19,99, the cheapest in the market, our competitive price is noticed in most of the occasions. People are seeing the advantage to use our service because of our everyday effort to become even better.

The fastest delivery
Our drivers tends to do speedy deliveries, always ensuring the best time, because we are the best same day delivery courier service. However, delivery time depends on the hour, traffic and the distance between locations.

Be a regular customer and obtain special discounts
We love to serve you any time you need it, we always want to create a lasting relationship with all of our clients, we can offer you amazing discounts if you work with us regularly, any is possible when it comes to satisfaction of our client´s needs, we can always offer the best possible rates.

Miami Traffic :(

Its Good to Consider a Courier Service Before You Attempt to Drive it Yourself. 

We cannot say that the traffic in Miami is worse compared to other major cities, but the fact is that there are periods of the days when people can experience traffic jams in certain parts of Miami. For example, if you are moving through downtown Miami it can take about 40 minutes to drive about 15 miles, but this is something that can change during rush hours.

The good news is that Miami has a well-developed public transportation system. Many people use this method to get to their workplace or visit their friends that live in different part of the city. There are many different transportation options that are part of this system. For example, the metro is one of the most popular means of transportation at least when it comes to downtown Miami.

Because of the specific location of this city (close to the ocean), the metro is actually elevated. The so-called Metrorail System gives passengers a unique opportunity to get a beautiful view of Miami. It starts from Northwest Miami-Dade, goes through Medley and ends in South Miami-Dade, Kendall. People can use this system to go to Broward and Palm Beach too. There are metro stations on every mile. The tickets are very cheap and users can get discounts if they buy tickets for multiple rides. 

The Metrobus is another good option for those who want to get access to more places around Miami. There are about 900 buses that are part of this bus network and more than 90 routes. This bus system connects almost all points in Miami and surrounding area. They also have access for people with disabilities.

It is interesting to know that more than 15% of Miamians use public transportation. In the recent years, more and more people are using bicycles too. Since this method of transportation can ease the traffic and because of the fact that bicycling is eco-friendly, local authorities have decided to support people who will choose this type of transportation. There are many events in which people are encouraged to use bikes. In addition, the city is continuously opening new bike routes and improving the existing ones. Of course, those who would like to take a walk in order to get somewhere can use the sidewalks freely and they should know that according to some studies, Miami belongs to the group of top 10 cities that are considered to be most walkable in the United States.

How Courier Services Can Help With Time Management

How Courier Services Are Important for the Growth of Your Company while You Focus in other Aspects of Your Business

There’s no doubt that the world is moving at a fast pace and in order to survive you need to keep up with it. And when it comes to businesses, fast deliveries and great time management are crucial ingredients to success.

There are many things an entrepreneur needs to handle in very well organized manner and in short time. There are e-mails that need to be replied quickly, clients that wait for your delivery, even paper work that needs to be done in due time, all constantly hanging on the back of the entrepreneur 24/7.

And if you run your own business, you pretty sure know what we’re talking about. But one thing is for sure: there’s help you can get from professionals who value your time and their services and want to help your business grow, while you focus on the bigger picture.

And if you’re in desperate need of help, you are on the right part of the internet, because you’ve just reached it. We are PikPax, your professional courier service located in Miami, Florida. Our drive is to help businesses like yours grow by taking care of all your deliveries that may not be the core of your business, but are very important for the smooth sailing of your company.

It could be documents, products that you sell or even products that you need to send back to the seller, namely anything. We usually can deliver  them in 2 hours or less in the entire South Florida area, from small packages, up to packages weighing up to 70 pounds. You need to send multiple packages to various destination all at once? We are the right company to handle this business for you.

We really take pride in is our fixed $19.99  local flat rate service that is not only the least expensive in the entire region but also fast and reliable. Do you have some documents that need to be signed by your accountant, providers or clients? Let us do the legwork for you, while you handle more important aspects of your business!

At PikPax we believe that time management and costs are crucial for any business, that’s why we believe we are the best professional courier service for your needs!

Courier at work

Pikpax: Miami Flat Rate Courier Service

According to research conducted by the Kauffman Foundation Miami is the most entrepreneurial city in the nation. Most of the regions small businesses have under 10 employees; these employees make up a unique culture and diversity with an understanding of how to create a gateway to Latin America for these businesses. South Florida is also rising as a region attracting venture capital, bringing in $300 million in 2013 alone.

What does this have to do with courier services?
Simply, a lot. With the tech industry sector exploding around Miami, start-ups, venture capitalists and lots of information are converging into an emerging tech hub with a direct pipeline to new ventures in Latin America. This converging requires four things to guarantee success:

  • Speed of information – both financial and business related information must be delivered in a timely manner to remain relevant.
  • Cost effectiveness – with small numbers of employees and the need to minimize delays along the pipeline, lost time becomes lost money. There is no room for leaks in the technological field.
  • High value – there is little time to spend on low quality providers and unexpected costs when it comes to start-ups or venture capital.
  • Safeguarding information – especially in the tech field, sensitive information is both common and vital to success. Keeping this information secure and with only those meant to have it is crucial.

This is where a flat rate courier service that specializes in the tech-savvy field is the best choice. Here’s why: 

  • No extra time needed sending employees and messengers – the courier service handles all the leg work.
  • No hidden cost – a flat rate delivery provider sets one fee for specific services making record keeping and bookkeeping minimal.
  • Use specialized providers – a company specialized in certain fields understands the needs and concerns of that industry. They know how to handle problems and create solutions.
  • Professionalism – professional courier services understand the issue of confidentiality and maintaining proper point-to-point distribution.
  • Scheduling friendly – having something delivered same-day or on a recurring schedule shouldn’t be a problem with a good provide.

Whatever the delivery – prototype, package, documentation or even a pet; look for a Miami courier service that understands all the common needs specific to your business.

Miami Dade County Courthouse

Violation of a Traffic Rule is Common in Miami

It is uncommon that somebody expects to bring about an accident in Miami, Florida. Well most of the times it may be a result of a physical disability, excited on the surroundings, talking over the phone or looking at somebody. At the point when an accident occurs, many things are taken into consideration including petty criminal offenses and other related issues. There are a few unique sorts of movement related offenses that oblige the experience and ability of a sharp Miami activity lawyer.

Moving Violations:

Moving infringement are by and large any legitimate infractions that happen while driving. This incorporates things like speeding, neglecting to stop at a stoplight and probably driving with a suspended or renounced driver’s license. Some of these offenses are a more noteworthy number of certified than others; however all can impact a man’s advantage to drive. The situations that occurred will influence the result of the case.


At the point when a man bites the dust as an after-effect because of killing someone in the form of an automobile accident, it might be charged as intentional or automatic manslaughter. Dependent upon the circumstances, the driver may be confronting different charges, too. A Miami criminal guard legal advisor can help to explore the denounced individual through the unpleasant and rough waters of murder accusations. There are numerous progressions to take between the episode and the last trial. An able and forceful Miami protection legal advisor may have the capacity to help get the charges or discipline diminished or hurled unmitigated, dependent upon the circumstances.

Attempt at manslaughter:

Leaving the scene of an engine vehicle mischance is illegal. Now and again there are uncontrollable issues at hand which made it happen. When somebody clarifies the subtle elements of the circumstance to their talented Miami criminal watch legal advisor, there is a hazard that the consequence of the case is much more impactful. Sometimes when such an incident occurs the driver might not have understood that anything or anybody had been hit. In different cases, the individual charged might not have been anyplace close to the wrongdoing scene. It is in like manner possible that the person blamed for leaving the wrongdoing got terrified and did just that. In most of the cases, a top Miami movement lawyer would be useful in guard.

So the government must take required steps to prevent all this violations from happening.

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How to choose a best courier service through the online?

Selecting to go with courier service to deliver your documents, package, or money is equivalent to providing you peace of mind. These enterprises offer advantages that the regular postal service is unable to deliver, such as insurance and quicker delivery times. Presently, there are several courier companies introduces their online website to aware people about their services. Whether you are an independent contractor, or a startup company, or just need to send a thank you gift, couriers will deliver all the things on time.

Benefits of courier service

Local courier services manage each aspect of parcel delivery with personal responsibility guaranteeing safe delivery of products or documents. Couriers hardly lose or damage parcels. There are certain local courier companies; they offer the same day delivery option to their customers. This is the best and important for business, medical, and the irregular last minute gift.

Another important benefit is cost effective. Sending different materials quickly through customary methods is costly. Not with couriers; they deliver without normal package rules and extra fees. Most couriers use a flat-rate or per-mile payment option that saves prices low. A reputed company always ensures your vital package reaches its destination on time and untouched.

About the Miami courier service

If you are searching for the superior options for courier service in the Miami area, then you will want to select a courier service. There are various courier service enterprises available in the Miami area. If you search the internet, you can find several options. A reputed courier company is available 24 hours a day for all of your delivery wants, and they have the best facility in the business to guarantee quick delivery of your parcels.

They also provide strong customer care service. So, if you have any query regarding the delivery of your parcel, you can call them and ask them. They have skilled employees, who will solve peoples all the queries. They have reliable, and smart employees will be able to deliver message and documents to more than the Miami area. A local Miami courier service provider makes deliveries to neighborhoods and towns that are outside of the proper city.

But before selecting any company check their price details. Generally, Courier Company charge as per the parcel types or size or weight. They have some standard price chart, and they will charge as per that. But before selecting any company check the price details carefully.

MetroRail Miami

Choose a fast and reliable courier services at Miami!

Presently, courier service is very important and different sectors need it. There are various industries they need quick delivery services like next day courier service or weekend delivery and premium delivery etc. There are many advantages of using these services. If you want to parcel something important, then you can contact with a reliable courier company. These services guarantee the safe and timely delivery of that product or parcel.

Importance of Courier service

There are several online courier companies available at Miami who provides local courier services. They specialize in delivering exceptional on-demand courier service in the Broward, Dade, and West Palm Beach Regions. Their object as a company is to surpass their customers’ needs and provide your package timely.

They also provide strong customer care support. So, if you want to track or monitor your parcel details, you can track them through the internet, or if you want, you can contact their customer care agent. They have expert and skilled customer care agent who will provide you all the information you need. A reputed courier company always provides their services to different sectors like Manufacturing, Medical, Real estate, Architects, insurance, etc.

Advantages of using courier services

Courier service helps you to deliver the product on timely. It will save your valuable time and cost also. You don’t need to take any kind of tension regarding parcel delivery. They will deliver your product as per your commitment. And they charge a very nominal price for this purpose. Most courier services are known to be dependable or reliable. Though, it is vital to ensure that the parcel delivery facility you choose for is certified and recognized. Always check for certification when you select for a courier delivery service.

Most of the courier service company charge according the weight and size of the product or parcel. Always choose a reputed company after profound research through the internet. But generally they charge a very reasonable price for this service.

Overview about the courier services

Due to the tough competition in the market, each and every company designed their website in a way so that people get complete details about their services. But choose a company very carefully. First, check their website and their customer review section to acquire complete knowledge regarding their services. And after that call their customer care section to know more details about their organization and then choose a best courier company.